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World Class University 2021 | Visiting Lecture: Seafood Quality and Assessment
Online Seminar | Efforts to Protect and Manage Protected Marine Biota
World Class Professor 2021 | Guest Lecture | Managing Plastic and Microplastic Waste in Coastal Areas in an Integrated Situation
World Class Professor 2021 | Online Seminar: Management of Parasitic Diseases in Australian Mariculture
International Guest Lecture | Marine Biodiversity Series 7 | “Climate Change as The Threat to The Corals”
Webinar | Becoming a Young Fisheries Entrepreneur Series 3: Feed Management and Tips to Be a Successful Catfish Farmer
Webinar | The Effect of Climate Change on Export Potential of Fishery Commodities
World Class Professor 2021 | Guest Lecture | Integrated Pollution Management in Coastal Areas
Online Seminar | Marine Biodiversity Protection: Linking Knowledge to Action
World Class Professor 2021 | Guest Lecture | Marine Invertebrates Series 2
Webinar | Becoming a Young Fisheries Entrepreneur Series 2: Feed Management and Hygienic Catfish Production in a Pandemic
We are Opening Marlin Squad Accelerating Program 2021!
International Guest Lecture | Marine Biodiversity Series 4 | “Marine Phycology: The Hidden Diversity of Photosynthetic Organisms”
Webinar | Becoming a Young Fisheries Entrepreneur Series 1: Business Potential and Appropriate Technology in Catfish Cultivation in a Pandemic Period
International Guest Lecture | Marine Biodiversity Series 3 | “The Coral Holobiont: Pathogens VS Probiotics”
International Guest Lecture | Marine Biodiversity Series | “What Can Molecular Biology Do For Marine Research”
Online Seminar | LIPI’s Role in Disaster Risk Assessment for Coastal Disaster Management
International Guest Lecture | Marine Biodiversity Series #1 | “Recent Advances In Taxonomy and Ecology of Marine Fungi”
International Seminar | Risk Assessment and Hazard Impact of Face Mask and Medical Waste Disposal During The Covid-19 Pandemic Toward Water Pollution
Announcement | Mendikbudristek Scholarship
International Guest Lecture | Marine Biotechnology Series | “Discovery of New Antibiotic from Microorganisms Inhabited in Special Environment by Dereplication Strategy”
Call for Participants: ITroSCo Online Pre-camp 2021!
International Seminar | Latest Technology Trends in Fish Processing: Application of Processed Fishery Products
Public Lecture | Efficiency Strategy for Making Artificial Feed to Increase Cultivation Productivity
The Independent Learning Consortium (KMB) UNDIP, UNPAD and UNHAS
Online Class COMED 2020 | Application of Numerical Models in Marine Pollution Studies
Tracer Study of Universitas Diponegoro
Sharing Session | Success Tips for Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctoral Studies as Researchers and Professional HR
General Lecture | Cultivation Technology and Business Prospects of Ornamental Seawater Fish and Vaname Shrimp on Household to Industrial Scale
General Lecture | Law Enforcement of Conservation of Resources and Ecosystems for the Improvement of Biodiversity and the Welfare of Coastal Communities
Towards New Global by Improving Research Capacity on Molecular Biotechnology through World Class Professor Program
Online Seminar | The Secret of Algae: Multi – Functional Ingredient for a Healthy Life
General Lecture | The Role of Institutions and Communities in Strengthening Conservation-Based Socio-Economic and Cultural Resilience in Coastal Areas
General Lecture | Diversity and Dynamics of Symbiotic Assemblages in Coral Holobiont
General Lecture | Fish Gelatin Nanoparticles: Production and Application
Online Seminar | Adaptive Management Collaboration in Conservation Areas
General Lecture | The Art of Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper
World Class Professor Webinar | National Institute of Technology, Wakayama College, Japan
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Student Creativity Program (PKM) FPIK 2020!
Public Lecture | Winning International Scholarship and Funding
Public Lecture | How to Write International Grant Proposal and Reputable Publication
Public Lecture | Microbial Communities of Subterranean Estuaries and Their Impact to Coastal Ecology
Online Seminar | How to Write an Interesting and Best-selling Textbook
Online Seminar | Branding and Marketing of Micro and Small Scale Business: A Case in the Aquaculture and Fisheries Industry
Department of Fisheries Product Technology Held Public Lecture of “World Class University” Program
The 6th International Conference on Tropical and Coastal Region Eco-Development
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Research & Dedication

We are Opening Marlin Squad Accelerating Program 2021

FPIK, SEMARANG - Independent Campus Competition Program, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Universitas Diponegoro (FPIK UNDIP). The program aims to provide an excellent research training and...

UNDIP Fisheries Product Technology Study Program Accompanies Comida Kendal UMKM in Presto’s Milkfish Production

FPIK, SEMARANG - Community service is an activity that cannot be separated from the academic life of higher education. Likewise with the community service team from the Fishery Products Technology...

Breakthrough of the New Professor of UNDIP

FPIK, SEMARANG - Diponegoro University again held a presentation of prospective professors at the UNDIP Academic Senate Meeting Room which was attended by the Chair, Deputy, and Secretary of the...

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle for Tambak Mulyo Residents, MSP also Prioritizes Seafood Quality Standards

FPIK, SEMARANG - Several Lecturers from the Aquatic Resources Management Study Program (MSP), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK), Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) have carried out...

Department of Aquatic Resources Successfully has Done Community Services in Jatibarang Reservoir

FPIK, SEMARANG - The Service Team of the Department of Aquatic Resources, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), Diponegoro University (UNDIP), held a series of activities with the Suko...


Awesome! UNDIP Marine Students Win Silver Medals at XX Papua PON 2021

FPIK, SEMARANG - Rezza Octavia, a Papuan archery athlete, donated a silver medal at the XX PON which took place at the Kampung Harapan archery venue, Jayapura Regency. Quoted from the Public...

Ranny Ramadhani, Alumni of Marine Science FPIK UNDIP Recognized by DIVE Magazine as Women in Conservation

FPIK, SEMARANG - For Ranny Ramadhani Yuneni, having a desire to participate in preserving the marine world was felt since he studied at Diponegoro University (UNDIP) in 2009. When she was a student...

FPIK UNDIP Has Been Implementing “Independent Campus” Since Long Time, It Is Proved From Yelfia’s Story

FPIK, SEMARANG - The Merdeka Campus - Merdeka Learning Program which has been implemented by the Indonesian Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Nadiem Makariem since 2019,...

Djoko Hartoyo UNDIP Alumni Who Is Trusted to Become Assistant Deputy of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment

FPIK, SEMARANG - At the age of approximately 63 years, Diponegoro University (UNDIP) which was founded on January 9, 1957 as a Private University and only received the status of a State University...

Benaya Success Story, FPIK UNDIP Alumni Becomes International Researcher on Fisheries and Coastal Community Shark Conservation

FPIK, SEMARANG – The success stories of alumni have always been a source of pride and talk for universities, and often become inspirations for their younger classmates. One of them is Benaya...

Alumni Testimonials  :

Rheza Mahardika Wahid, S.Pi., M.Sc

Owner PT. Mahardika Sukses Sejahtera

“Scientific studies, the adaptation process and all the complexities that I went through in the MSP study program of the Department of Aquatic Resources, FPIK UNDIP gave me a high level of confidence to be able to master new things. And this is my biggest asset to achieve my life goals. Thank you FPIK UNDIP. Spirit Forward!”

Benaya M. Simeon, S.Pi., M.Si

Shark and Ray Senior Officer WCS – IP & IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group

“Studying at the Capture Fisheries Study Program FPIK UNDIP made me know about the real conditions of capture fisheries in Indonesia, both traditional, semi-industrial and industrial fisheries. Java is the barometer of Indonesian fisheries. With the support of lecturers and family of alumni, I have had many opportunities to study and work both at the national and international levels”

Robbi Maulana Rosadi

Quality Control Manager, PT Philips Seafood Indonesia

“A lot of my knowledge and experience while studying at Fishery Products Technology UNDIP has supported my career. The knowledge that I get is very in line with my current job. Considering the potential for fisheries in Indonesia is still very wide and product innovation is needed to develop it”

Gesang Setyadi

PT Freeport Indonesia

“At PT Freeport Indonesia, there are 4 alumni from Marine Sciences UNDIP who work in the Department of Environment, including me. This shows that alumni from UNDIP Marine Sciences can be well received in multinational companies”

Hardian Sy. Prayitno

Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Provinsi Lampung

“I got many benefits from Fishery Products Technology UNDIP, including that I immediately became a Fishery Product Quality Instructor in Lampung Province because I have a HACCP certificate. In addition, I also have a Vaname Shrimp pond business. my career and business”

Panca Dias Purnomo

PT. Central Proteina Prima, Tbk Indonesia

“I work at PT. Central Proteina Prima, Tbk (CP. Prima), one of the largest companies in the Fisheries industry, as Head of the Division in Human Resources. Excellent quality of lecturers, complete learning and practice facilities, wide collaboration, and quality The character & knowledge of the students who are qualified make UNDIP Aquaculture alumni one of the most sought after aquaculture alumni by fishing companies in Indonesia”

Birowo Cahyo Baskoro

BRI Branch Manager

“Studying for 3 years and 9 months gave me a lot of knowledge even though my field of work was different from my knowledge when I was in college, but the provision of soft skills during college, practical work in the field and organization while studying at the Capture Fisheries Study Program FPIK UNDIP made me easy to adapt to any environment. Bravo UNDIP Capture Fisheries Study Program!”

Haris Muhtadi

Marketing Director for Aquafeeds International Company

“The experience while on campus is relevant to my current job. I have to convince clients from different cultures and nationalities that my idea is worth buying”

Prof. Dr. Esti Handayani Hardi, S.Pi., M.Si

Professor of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Mulawarman University, East Kalimantan

“As an Alumni of the FPIK UNDIP Aquaculture Study Program, I not only learned about the basics of fishery science, but also learned about the attitude of independence, mental warrior, attitude intelligence and humility, which are the basic attitudes of success in society. So don’t be surprised if you graduate from the Aquaculture Study Program UNDIP is always ready to work anywhere and anytime”

Dwi Ariyogagautama

Bycatch and Sharks Conservation Coordinator, WWF Indonesia

“Don’t just be satisfied with grades on campus, multiply activities off campus by joining organizations and make yourself what companies are looking for, not you guys looking for companies”

Herda Bolly

The Friesland Campina Innovation Centre in Wageningen, the Netherlands

“When I was at UNDIP Fishery Products Technology, I not only studied fishery product processing, but also food science and technology in general. Now it is my provision to continue my master’s degree at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. It even led me to a career in food companies in the Netherlands and trusted to be the Development Manager at the Friesland Campina Company which focuses on research and product innovation”

Nestin Evrina W N

Relationship Manager Bank Mandiri

“In the banking world, there are many alumni of the UNDIP Aquaculture Study Program from various generations who work in state-owned and private banking, as well as regional banks. This shows that the competitiveness of Aquaculture Study Program graduates is very competitive in the world of work”

Medha P. Agung W, S.Pi

Fisheries Entrepreneur

“The experience while studying at the UNDIP Capture Fisheries Study Program really helped me in developing a fishery business. The knowledge studied included fish behavior, fish development and potential, fishing gear used, fish processing technology to marketing results. Knowledge from upstream to downstream already exists, it remains only to be applied by students to achieve their respective goals.”