Accredited A | 1673/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/S/III/2020

Operating Permit: Decree of the Director General No. 473/Dikti/Kep/95 | Graduate degree: Bachelor of Fisheries (S.Pi) | Equality in KKNI (Equivalent Level to Indonesian National Qualification framework: Level 6).


Fundamentals of Aquatic Microbiology; Aquaculture Engineering; Water Quality Management; Physiology of Fish Reproduction; Fish Histology; Fish Nutrition; Information Technology; Aquaculture Management; Fish Hatchery Technology; Basics of Fish Genetics; Fish Parasites and Diseases; Natural Feed Culture; Law and Culture Fisheries Regulations; Experimental Design; Freshwater, Brackish and Marine Aquaculture Management; Fish Health Management; Fish Feed Technology and Management; Ornamental and Aquaculture Fish Management; Entrepreneurship; The Principles of Aquaculture Biotechnology; Aquaculture Business; Aquaculture Industry; and Fish Production and Domestication.


Becoming the best department in producing human resources that can compete at the local, national, and global level in the field of Aquaculture in 2025. The mission of this department is to produce competent and qualified graduates in:  1) Managing the potential of aquaculture resources based on Good Aquaculture Practices; 2) Creating and developing aquaculture businesses based on entrepreneurs so that they are profitable, developed and sustainable, and 3) Identifying and finding solutions to problems in aquaculture business activities, both independently and instituting with colleagues, communities and existing stakeholders, through the implementation of education that is supported by the application of research and community service.


Teaching and Learning Process conducted by the Aquaculture Undergraduate Program is programmed for 8 (eight) semesters or for 4 (four) academic years with a semester credit amount (minimum) of 145 credits. Each semester there are 14-16 meetings (the 8thmeeting for the Midterm Examination and the 16th meeting for the Final Examination).


Businessman and aquaculture developers, researchers and consultants, managers, educators and aquaculture instructors.


Head of Study Program: Dr. Ir. Desrina, M.Sc., Ph.D
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