Kalirejo, Pekalongan (21/07/2023) – Waste is a material that is wasted or can no longer be utilized. The waste comes from daily human activities or from natural processes. Waste problems must be quickly handled by the Indonesian Government and the community because waste causes enormous losses for human life and aquatic ecosystems. According to the World population, Indonesia is ranked 5th as the largest waste producer in the world, which is 9.13 million tons. The waste is dominated by plastic waste.

The existing waste problem can be minimized with correct and simple management. This can be done by any age from children to adults. Waste awareness can maintain aquatic ecosystems, especially the biota in them. Therefore, it is very necessary to work on waste awareness from an early age. Diponegoro University students held counseling on the importance of disposing of waste properly. The activity was held at SDN 1 Kalirejo on Friday, July 21, 2023. This activity lasted for 1 hour and was attended by 47 students consisting of 4th and 5th grades.

This counseling activity was carried out by delivering material related to waste, including the definition of waste, the origin of waste, types of waste, the impact of waste on human life and aquatic ecosystems, and waste management efforts. In the implementation of the activity, the enthusiasm of students of SDN 1 Kalirejo was seen. This is shown by active participation in answering the questions that have been given. Students who asked questions received wallets made from recycled waste, namely plastic coffee packets. This is done to motivate students to start managing waste into useful items.