The Tembalang campus has the following facilities:

  • Faculty Leadership workspace (Dean, Building A) with completeness.
  • Workspace of Marine Science Department Leaders and Lecturers (Building B and E) with completeness.
  • Faculty Administration workspace (Building A) with completeness.
  • Workroom of Fisheries Department Leaders and Lecturers (Building C and D) with their completeness.
  • Lecture room for the Department of Fisheries and Department of Marine Sciences (Building B, C, D, E, G and H).
  • Library (J Building).
  • Laboratory (Building C, D, E, G, H, J).
  • Seminar/meeting room.
  • Student Executive Board room and Department Student Association room.
  • Prayer room
  • Auditorium (Building I).

Coastal Area Development Laboratory Campus (LPWP), Kartini Jepara

Located on Jl. Ade Irma Suryani (Kartini Beach) Jepara Tel. 0291 – 591844. On the LPWP campus there are:

  • Campus Management workspace.
  • Lecturer, Technician and Administration workspace.
  • Fisheries Department laboratory and library.
  • Seminar room.
  • Mini hatchery.
  • Student dormitory.
  • Official residence.
  • Ship pier.

Teluk Awur Jepara Campus (Marine Science Techno Park)

Located on Jl. Undip, Teluk Awur Village, Jepara, Tel. 0291-591194. On the Teluk Awur campus there are: 

  • Campus Management Workspace.
  • Workspace for lecturers, technicians, laboratories and administration,
  • Lecture hall.
  • Seminar room.
  • Meeting hall.
  • Laboratory.
  • Hatchery.
  • Pond experiment.
  • Student dormitory.
  • Library.
  • Ship training workshop.
  • Train boat pier.
  • Sports field.
  • Official residence.
  • Guest house.