Semarang, FPIK Undip and PT BPI Plant Artificial Coral Reefs and Fish Houses made from Coal Waste. The activity was carried out on October 19, 2022. Hundreds of artificial coral reefs in the form of an Artificial Patch Reef (APR) pyramid and Artificial Fish Apartments (AFA) made of FABA (Bottom Ash) coal are planted in the Batang sea waters. The coral reefs are the result of research from the Faculty of Fisheries, Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang in collaboration with PT BPI as a consortium for the construction of a 2×1,000 MW PLTU Batang.This activity was inaugurated directly by the Acting Regent of Batang Lani Dwi Rejeki as well as a symbolic installation with the Dean of Fisheries Undip and the board of directors of PT BPI at the Fish Port, Karangasem Utara Batang Village. The Acting Regent of Batang, Lani Dwi Rejeki, said that this is a new technology for the utilization of coal waste which is categorized as non-B3 which means it is not dangerous and then Undip and BPI will use it for coral reefs. “In accordance with government regulation number 22 of 2021 regarding the implementation of Environmental Protection and Management, Fly Ash and Bottom Ash (FABA) as non-B3 waste can be used by themselves or other parties as a substitute for substrate raw materials or in accordance with the development of Science and Technology ( science and technology),” he explained. Furthermore, the artificial coral reefs will be submerged in the sea as an effort to protect the marine ecosystem.

Coal waste or non-B3 FABA, not only for the manufacture of coral reefs, but also can be used as bricks and paving blocks. The Dean of the Undip Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Tri Winarni said that FABA which was used as ATR and AFA had gone through research and it was stated that the waste was classified as non-B3. He explained that with different ratios FABA could replace cement which is now expensive. So the use of this waste can be something that is very useful for the community.Head of the Research Team and Coral Reef Experts at Undip Semarang, Munasik explained, coral reefs in the northern coastal waters, especially Batang, have been damaged very massively and are almost rare. This is due to the presence of sediment and seawater dilution. “Through the 2022 matching fun program, we want to revive coral reef habitats by utilizing coal waste.