Together with Diponegoro University and PLTU Batang, the Batang Regency Government, Central Java is working on improving coral reef ecosystems in coastal areas, through the development of Artificial Fish Apartment (AFA) technology or fish houses, and Artificial Patch Reef (APR) or artificial coral reefs. The development of AFA and APR technology is carried out by utilizing coal waste that is specially molded, then arranged on the seabed. Hundreds of artificial coral reefs in the form of pyramids of Artificial Patch Reef (APR) and Artificial Fish Apartments (AFA) made of FABA (Bottom Ash) coal are parked in Batang sea waters. The acting Regent of Batang Lani Dwi Rejeki, when releasing the AFA and APR transport ships into the sea, said that the damage to coastal ecosystems would be resolved if all parties worked together.