FPIK, SEMARANG – Rezza Octavia, a Papuan archery athlete, donated a silver medal at the XX PON which took place at the Kampung Harapan archery venue, Jayapura Regency. Quoted from the Public Relations page of PB PON, Tuesday (5/10), Rezza contributed a silver medal for the women’s individual FITA recurve number. It is known that Rezza Octavia is a student of the Marine Science Study Program, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University (FPIK UNDIP). The Dean of FPIK UNDIP, Prof. Tri Winarni Agustini admitted that he was proud of Rezza’s achievements by presenting a silver medal at the XX Papua PON event.

In addition to Rezza Octavia, there were three other UNDIP students who also won achievements at the XX Papua PON event by winning 4 medals from the sports (sports) of archery and rollerblading. The three students are Syahara Khoerunisa from the Management Study Program, Abigail Guinevere Puteri Nimas Ayu from the Occupational Health and Safety Study Program, and Alifia Meidia Namasta from the Nutrition Science Study Program.

A student of UNDIP Nutrition Studies Program, Alifia, represented the PON contingent of DKI Jakarta Province and won 3 Gold medals at once in the sport of roller skating. Meanwhile, another medal from roller skating was also donated by an UNDIP student of the Occupational Health and Safety Study Program, namely Abigail Guinevere Puteri Nimas Ayu. Representing the Central Java PON contingent, Abigail competed in the women’s 42,000 meter Marathon. The match lasted 3 rounds before finally confirming the winner. Abigail carved the 3rd fastest time with 1 hour 19 minutes 13.03 seconds and was entitled to a Bronze medal at XX Papua PON. The first and second positions were achieved by the Jakarta PON contingent athletes with a time of 1 hour 19 minutes 13.01 seconds and 1 hour 19 minutes 13.02 seconds.

The archery medal winner is Rezza Octavia from the UNDIP Marine Science Study Program. She represented the Papuan PON contingent and competed in the Women’s Individual Recurve number. In a sport that relies on accuracy, Rezza became the first Papuan young athlete to successfully enter the archery training and get a silver medal. In addition, he also became part of the Tokyo Olympic athletes some time ago. The next silver nick was also won by an UNDIP Management Study Program student, Syahara Khoerunisa. She managed to win 1 silver medal when she competed in the Women’s Individual Compound number representing the Banten PON contingent.

Congratulations to the UNDIP students who won the championship at the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) for the Archery and Roller Skate Sports Branch. Congratulations on achieving such a significant milestone. (Adm)

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