FPIK, SEMARANG – Several Lecturers from the Aquatic Resources Management Study Program (MSP), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK), Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) have carried out community service in Tambak Mulyo Village, Tanjung Mas Village, Semarang on November 3rd, 2020. This activity is led by Oktavianto Eko Jati, S.Pi., M.Si which is the 1st team with Prof. members. Norma Afiati, M.Sc., Ph.D; Dr. Ir. Pujiono Wahyu Purnomo, M.S; Arif Rahman, S.Pi, M.Si. and Sigit Febrianto, S.Kel., M.Si. Furthermore, Nurul Latifah, S.Kel, M.Si. is the leader of team 2 with members Dr. Ir. Frida Purwanti, M.Sc and Agus Trianto, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Regarding the health sector which currently still needs to be improved in the general public, Team 1 provided information to the people of Tambak Mulyo Village about the importance of maintaining personal and environmental hygiene through the use of antiseptics and disinfectants. In his presentation this time, Team 1 collaborated with Mitra Bahari KUB Partners. Socialization related to health and environmental hygiene continues to be encouraged through this socialization activity. After the socialization ended, Team 1 provided assistance in the form of hand sanitizers, hand soap, and disinfectants.

To continue this health campaign, Team 1 also created and distributed posters about the use of antiseptics and disinfectants. It also contains information regarding the emphasis on preventing the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. To increase awareness of household waste management, the community service team also provided trash cans in Tambak Mulyo Village. Team 1 leader, Oktavianto Eko Jati, S.Pi., M.Si hopes that this service can help Tambak Mulyo residents to avoid the Covid-19 outbreak, and can increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle and environmental health.

The quality of food products requires nutritional assessment standards and safety quality standards, so that food products are suitable for human consumption. This became the basis for Team 2 in their service activities. Nurul Latifah, S.Kel., M.Si and team members tested the results of heavy metal on green shell cracker products belonging to the TERATAI Marketing Processing Group (Poklahsar). The results of the lab test for Pb (lead) on Green Shell Crackers were an average of 0.559 mg/l exceeding the quality standard of 0.06 mg/l (SNI, 2009) Likewise, the heavy metal Cd (Cadmium), the results show an average of 0.128 mg/l which still exceeds the quality standard of 0.04 mg/l (SNI, 2009). The heavy metal content in Green Shell Crackers which exceeds the quality standard based on SNI 2009 concerning the Maximum Limit of Heavy Metal Contamination in Food, mobilizes the service team to be able to carry out further service regarding the process of reducing heavy metals in Green Shells through a purification or depuration process. At the end of the activity, Team 2 gave the Poklahsar TERATAI the product processing facilities in the form of an oven, sealer, cracker dough grinder and modules. (Dept. SDA).



SNI 7387:2009 tentang Batas Maksimum Cemaran Logam Berat dalam Pangan.